How can I add a Facebook post ID code or URL?

You might consider these steps:

Be sure that you're selecting the post from the right Facebook account.

If your post is no appearing into the existing options of the dropdown, you have to select "Add post URL or ID option (next to the "select post" option)


Go to the Facebook page and copy the URL or the ID code of the Facebook post ( you're able to add either a post ID or the URL of the post)

If you're going to use the post ID, you need to consider that it's the number that appears after <facebook's url> / <facebook page> / "posts"/_______
For example on the image below the post ID would be: 2013840955326079


If you want to add an image from your album you have to copy the last ID code of the URL, for example:

Paste the post ID or the URL into the drop-down bar.


To double check take a look in the Preview section if you're selecting the right post.

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