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How can I add more Territories to the Ad Sets after launching a campaign?

How can I add more territories to the Adsets when the campaign has been launched?

To add more territories you have to keep in mind these characteristics:

The target territories that you’ve selected in Leaf Grow are the same ones that are going to be added into all the ad sets and to create all the lookalike audiences.
If you are only going to remove territories, then you can remove the territories from any Adset.
To add new territories, then you can add them to all Adsets that are not “lookalike” on the Ads Manager.
To add more territories to the lookalike Adsets, you would need to add the countries to the Adset and also create a new lookalike audience in Ads Manager using the new countries. Then you would need to replace the lookalike audience in the Adset with the new lookalike audience you created.
With regards to the Custom Audiences Adsets, you don’t have to recreate a new custom audience because it doesn’t need any parameters for territories when it's being created, just add the new territories to the Adset on the Ads Manager.

Updated on: 10/10/2019

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