How To Create a Custom Conversion Event

Adding your Facebook pixel to your landing page for tracking
. Note: This section is for users creating a custom event to be use on a landing page like FeatureFM or LinkFire.

Go to the Events Manager section of your account.

Select ‘Events Manager’ option

Make a note of your Facebook Pixel ID.

Log into your landing page provider (FeatureFM, LinkFire) account and add you Facebook Pixel ID to the relevant section.

Go back to Events Manager and check to see that you landing page is now being tracked. You'll see an event with your landing page providers name next to it.

Creating a custom conversion events on your pixel

To create a custom conversion event first go to ‘Events Manager’ section of Ads Manager.

Select ‘Events Manager’ option

Please select the ad account that you'll be to run your campaign from and using the custom conversion event.

Select the Custom Conversions icon on the lefthand side of the page.

Once the page opens select the Create Custom Conversion option

When window open first select the Facebook Pixel you would like to create the Custom Conversion Event on.

Select your pixel's event

Choose the url or the type of standard event you would like to use.

If you are creative a Custom Conversion Event to be use with FeatureFM or LinkFire select the name of the service provider.

Add the URL of the website page you would like to track the event (Rule 1) and extra rule/event if need (For FeatureFM user this could be Pre-Save, Click through to Service).

After adding your custom conversion events will appear in the Custom Conversions section of the Events Manager.

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