Create a custom audience from an email list

To create an email list custom audience follow these steps:

In Facebook Ads Manager select the menu on the top left-hand side of the screen.

From within the “Ads Manager” menu select the “Audiences” option from the “Assets” section.

To create a new audience select the “Custom Audience” option from the “Create Audiences” dropdown bar.

To match customer data with the people from Facebook select “Customer File” option.

Select the “Add customers based on your own files or copy and paste data” option.

To create the custom audience you need to select the data source (email list) and then upload or copy/paste your files into the window. You will then need to create a name for your audience.

Each column from the file uploaded will be matched with the identifiers, if they are not aligned yet, you can select the correct one in the dropdown bar on the right-hand side.

Press the “done” button to create the audience.

The audience you have created will appears in the audiences dashboard.

Adding your email list custom audience to a campaign

At the ad sets level of your campaign either select to edit the ads set you would like to add your email list custom audience to or create a brand new ad set. An edit window will open from the right-hand side allowing you to changed the name of your ad set to match your new custom audience. Then proceed down to the “Audience” selection.

In the “Audience” section, you can search the “Custom Audiences” field for the audience you want to use. Once you find the correct audience press “Publish”.

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