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How to pull in Instagram Posts into a campaign

Leaf Grow doesn’t have the option to select an existing Instagram post yet. That is coming in the next version of the product. But at the moment you can follow these steps:

Select any of the Facebook posts options

On the Placement option from the "Ad Content" section, you'll be able to choose the Instagram platform. If you select the "Edit platforms and devices" option, you will see the Instagram platform features (Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories).

Select Instagram platform

View of the Instagram platform features selected

Continue to fill out the rest of the campaign's information (Audiences, Target-Territories, Interests, Budget, Duration, etc)

Once the campaign has been launched click on the name of the campaign and it will take you directly to the "Adsets" window.

Select all the Adsets and go to the "Ads" window (on the right side of the Ad sets).

Once you’re into the Ads section, select the Facebook post(s) that you chose in Leaf Grow.

To the right of the top of the screen or below the title of the post's name, select the editor option.

Select "Change post" into the Existing Post section.

Change the Facebook platform for Instagram.

Select the Instagram post that you wanted to publish.

Updated on: 26/02/2020

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