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How to set up a Facebook Personal Advertiser access

How to set up a Facebook Personal Advertiser access


To be able to run ads from a facebook page via Leaf Grow you will need to have advertiser access to that Facebook page.


Requesting Advertiser Access


To do this you will need to request to be added as an advertiser to the Facebook page you want to run ads from. You will need to request an administrator on this page to give you access by following these steps.

Go into your personal Facebook account and select the page you are an administrator on.

Go to your Facebook page

Go to the settings on the Facebook page and in the general section on the left-hand side select the “Page Roles” option from the menu.

Go to the settings of the page

Select Page Roles option

In the search box under ‘Assign a New Page Role’ section type the email or the name of the person (Facebook's name), you want to assign to the page.

Assign a person the page role

You have the option to assign people different roles on the page (admin, advertiser, editor, moderator, analyst).

Once a person is added to a page you should be able to see their name in the ‘Existing Page Roles’. The person being added to the page will receive an invitation and will appear “Pending” until the requested is accepted.

Pending request


Accept Advertiser Access Invitation


In the notification section in your Facebook account, you will receive a notification to accept an invitation for advertiser access.

Advertiser access notification

Accept advertiser access invitation

When selecting the notification you’ll be taken to the section of your account where you can accept the invite for advertiser access.

Once you have accepted the invite you will then appear as an advertiser on the Facebook page you have been added to.

Being advertiser of the page

The page you have been added to will then appear in the ‘Pages’ sections of your ads account.

Find the page into the "Pages" section in Ads Manager

Updated on: 04/03/2020

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