How to set up a Facebook Pixel

Setting up a Facebook Pixel

Go to your Ads account or Business manager setting.

Go to the Business Manager Setting

In the Measure & Report section, under Event Management select the pixels options.

Select "Pixels" option

Select your Ad account

Select "Facebook Pixel" from the Data Sources section

Setting up your pixel on your website

To set up your pixel on your website follow these steps:

Select the option to ‘Manually Install the Code Yourself’

Select "Manually Install the Code Yourself" option

Install the Pixel code on your website.

Install the Pixel code

Copy the entire pixel code and paste it into your website builder or in your landing page builder.

Paste the pixel code in your website/landing page builder

Select the customer data that you want to be matched with your website.

Select the customer data

Check the traffic status of your pixel

Insert the URL to check the status of your pixel code

Select the events you would like to track.

Select the event

Checking your pixel and creating custom events

After setting up the pixel on the website in the Measure & Report section of Ads Manager select ‘Events Manager’. You can view your Pixel from here and check the events you choose to track.

Select ‘Events Manager’ option

To create a Custom Conversion Event select the event you want to add to your pixel.

Select your pixel's event

After adding your custom conversion event in the Data Sources section of the Events Manager you should be able to view your newly added event alongside the others.

View all your events added

Adding yourself to a pixel

To use a pixel in Leaf Grow you will need to be personally added to the pixel.

To add yourself to a pixel go Into Business Settings and under the Data Sources section select the pixels option.

Select the pixel and add people

Then select the pixel you would like to be added to. Under the people section you can add yourself to the pixel.

Search the name of the person you want to add
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